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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Will seating be provided ?

A- Unfortunately, seating will not be provided. We are asking everyone to bring a lawn chair for seating outside.  


Q- can i bring my umbrella for shade?

A- Umbrellas will prohibit others being able to view the service.  Therefore, they are not permitted. 


Q- Will social distancing be enforced.

A- Yes, we will be enforcing 6 ft. of social distancing as it relates to seating, bathrooms, lines etc. 


Q- Will my temperature be taken ?

A- Your temperature will only be taken if you have a need to enter the church building for any reason.  


Q- Do we need to wear a mask? 

A- Everyone must wear a mask or some type of face covering if more than 6 ft in the presence of others or to enter the building for any reason.  Please note, face mask can be purchased on our website prior as well as during the drive-in service.  


Q- Do I need to register for the drive- in service?

A- We are asking for everyone to register in order for us to properly prepare for the drive-in service.  You may register via website, our church center app. Or by contacting the church at 856 448-4546